- "Touch and Light...a real human need"
Facial Reflexology
Neuroscience and Chinese Medicine combine to stimulate the Central Nervous System through specific maps and points on the face that correspond directly with organs and systems to regulate blood, lymph, bodily functions and hormones.  Because we hold tension and stress in the facial muscles, this modality is not only deeply relaxing, but also emotionally balancing and detoxifying.
Reduce Anxiety
Reduce Allergies
Decrease Bells Palsy
Decrease Insomnia
Infertility Issues
Stroke Rehabilitation
Learning challenges in school age children
Migrain relief
Digestive function regulated
Elixir Qi Gong Exercises
The Ancient Chinese practice of  Qi Gong  has been in existence for over 2500 years! Learn to "self heal" and awaken your individual healing power from within.
Through the process of practicing Qi Gong  Exercises you will be able to unblock your Qi (vital energy) phisically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Qi Gong helps to release muscle and joint pain, improve range of motion, increased circulation, improved digestion, reduce stress, and calm the spirit.
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