- "Touch and Light...a real human need"
Quantum Light Therapy (LED)
Massage and Bodywork Therapy
Pre-Natal Massage, Healing Touch,
Facial Reflexology, Elixir Qi Gong
Transdermal Essential Mineral Therapy, Aromatherapy
Spiritual Health Coaching
Michelle A. Greenberg offers a Holistic approach to empower people to learn to heal themselves and enhance their quality of life through pain management, detoxification, and stress reduction. 
"Allow the real human need for touch to anchor our emotional, mental and spiritual being...
Allow the technology of intelligent light to shift our being into the innate awareness of living together in peace and wellness...
...To create healing power through love for ourselves, each other and the universe".
Professional Member
Offering safe and appropriate therapeutic touch
State Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Nationally Certified Facial Reflexologist, Certified Qi Gong Practitioner
State Licensed Cosmetic Artist
State Licensed Spiritual Health Coach
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